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Sammie Hypnotized in October (Free Videos)

Sammie did 5 hypnosis livestream sessions during October. To watch the private videos and bonus videos from each session, you will need the password here (For members only)

Livestream 25: Pendant Fractionation, Amnesia

During Livestream 25, Sammie practices dropping deeper into hypnosis with a descending countdown technique submitted by our top Patreon supporter. With this technique, she goes deeper into trance with every count down and raises up with every count up, opening her eyes on the count of 6. The highpoint for this video was definitely making her believe her shoe was her phone.

Click here to watch Livestream 25

Livestream 26: Hands Tied, Bound and Tickled

During Livestream 26, Sammie drops in and out of trance at the sound of a clicker. She is given hypnotic suggestions to feel like she is tickled, then that her hands are tied over her head. Some other suggestions include being turned into Mrs. Sammie (a foxy MILF) and to have a button on her forehead that turns her mind off. The way she laughs when hypno-tickled is really cute.

Click here to watch Livestream 26

Livestream 27: Invisible Strawberry, Ragdoll

During Livestream 27 (filmed shortly after her birthday), Sammie is given hypnotic programming to believe she is holding (and later eating) an imaginary strawberry. She also poses like a clock, goes limp like a ragdoll, and programmed to believe she is surrounded by butterflies. The way she eats the invisible strawberry is really cute.

Click here to watch Livestream 27

Livestream 28: Zombie Zelda Catalepsy

During Livestream 28 (our first Halloween Hypnosis session for the year), Sammie is given a hypnotic trigger to transform into a Zombie and wander around the room mindlessly. She is also age regressed to a 17 year old, switched to speak Chinese, and put into a catalepsy position. She starts off wearing a cute Princess Zelda costume and changes outfits in the middle of the session to wear a foxy Chinese dress.

Click here to watch Livestream 28

Livestream 29: SWAT Team Sammie

During Livestream 29 (our second Halloween Hypnosis session), Sammie starts off wearing her Princess Zelda costume, while practicing 4 different hypnotic triggers: limp like a ragdoll, boop laughing, locking like a mannequin, given a mannequin mind, and feeling helpless and hot. After, Sammie wears a foxy SWAT costume and dances to close the session off.

Click here to watch Livestream 29

Livestream 30: Name and Number Amnesia

During Livestream 30, Sammie is hypnotized by a script submitted by our top supporter on Patreon testing different hypnotic induction and fractionation techniques. She goes very deep and practices forgetting numbers and her name.

Click here to watch Livestream 30

For our members only, you can watch all the bonus and extra videos on our private website from all our past hypnosis livestreams.

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